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Garage Door Replacement

May 02 2022

Tips for Making the Right Choice

It can be intimidating shopping for a garage door – cost aside, it's one of the first things people spot on a home while driving or walking by, and it's something that everyone hopes they'll only have to buy once during their lifetime. By following a few steps, the decision-making process becomes a lot easier and guarantees you'll find something that's perfect for your property.

Select The Right Style: 

  • Although security is important, appearance is usually the priority of homeowners who are searching for a garage door. It's the main portion of the home exterior and can dramatically affect curb appeal. Back in the day, the only options for garage doors were almond or white. But now you can find all sorts of doors that incorporate various designs, materials, and even windows. Some enjoy the classic look of a steel garage door, while others prefer carriage house garage doors that feature the rustic look of swinging stable doors. Homeowners going for the modern look find that aluminum garage doors are the perfect touch.
  • You'll find that the choices for paint and stain colors are nearly limitless, so matching your garage door to the siding, trim, shutters, or doors on your home will be easy.

Choose A Practical Door Type: 

  • Having a door that will withstand the punishments doled out by mother nature or human error, you'll want to pay attention to the materials you choose. Wood is all but irresistible for its beauty and craftsmanship, although it does require extra care like painting and staining every few years. Still, the effort is well worth the charm this kind of door will add to your home. If you'd like this same caliber of beauty without all the work, there are fiberglass doors that provide a natural looking wood grain surface paired with the durability of steel. You'll have a garage door that looks as wonderful as wood without any worry of cracking, warping, or upkeep. The only maintenance this option will require is a quick clear coat every one to three years (depending on sun exposure.)
  • A more robust option is steel garage doors, which only call for a little cleaning or touch up. Vinyl is another alternative that is rust free, dent resistant, and will be long lasting in areas known for high moisture.
  • Aluminum garage doors combine aluminum frames and glass panels in a myriad of colors and panel shapes. Although these are pretty much maintenance-free, they don't provide as much insulation as other garage doors. This may not be the best option in regions known for extreme temperatures.

Don’t Forget Insulation:

  • High energy costs have every homeowner looking for ways to save money – including their garage doors and how well they're insulated. The “R-value” is what you'll want to pay attention to when rating the thermal property of insulation. The door will operate more quietly and reduce outdoor noise if it has a higher R-value.
  • There are two kinds of garage door insulation: polystyrene and foamed-in-place polyurethane. The former comes in sheets like Styrofoam, so this insulation fits between the front and back panels of the door, however it doesn't fill the whole space in between. These doors are often thicker but have a lower R-value than the latter. Polyurethane insulation is foamed-in-place, so it expands during the process of manufacturing to tightly fill the entire space between the front and back panels of the door. This makes the door look thinner; however, it provides a higher R-value. These doors are better insulated, stronger, and much quieter than uninsulated doors, or those with polystyrene insulation.


With all these factors to consider, lots of people wind up shocked at how affordable garage doors can be. Most people assume the price will be double what it is. So, how much should you spend on your garage door? An easy rule to keep in mind is that your garage door should cost around 1% of your home's value. Also keep in mind that this is a purchase that won't be made again for decades – if ever – so spending a little extra to get exactly what you want for the appearance, security, and cost efficiency of your home will be worth it. Even with these tips for garage door shopping in mind, remember that your local professionals are just a phone call away and ready to help with any questions or concerns you have. Contact Wagner Garage Door for any questions at 636.332.8984 for all your garage door needs!

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