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1. Understanding the Importance of Temperature Control:

Hot or cold weather can really mess with productivity, customer happiness, and even the lifespan of inventory. Insulated sectional doors keep things cozy in your building or garage bay..

*Troubleshoot Your Garage Door Today!*

Garage door rollers will become sticky throughout the winter, making them more challenging to lift. The moment you notice a tiny bend at the top or middle of your garage door is the perfect opportunity to contact Wagner Garage Door since someday, sooner rather than later, that door will stop working, always at the worst possible moment. For additional details on typical garage door issues, continue reading...

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Why Every Car Lover Needs a Car Lift!

5 BEST Reasons You Should Buy

More and more, homeowners with a shortage of parking space in their garages are turning to car lifts for their convenience and practicality. Car lifts take advantage of your garage’s unused vertical space by elevating your vehicle off the floor. This will allow you to park another vehicle underneath it or add more storage and can even be helpful in regular maintenance for your car. Here are the five best reasons to consider one.

Why Does My Chain-Drive Need Lubrication?

Chain lubrication is needed mainly to slow the wear between the pins and bushings in the chain joints, to flush out wear debris and foreign materials, and to smooth the chain’s engagement with the sprocket. Additionally, lubrication may be needed to inhibit rust and corrosion, to carry away heat, and to cushion impact forces.

Doing these simple steps once or twice a year will keep your garage door looking pristine and help extend its lifespan.

Tips to Organize Your Garage

If done correctly, your garage can provide you with a ton of storage, not just for your vehicles. So, to maximize the storage space, you will need to keep your garage clean, organized, and orderly. Not sure how to get your garage organized? See Below for Wagner Garage Door's tips to organize your garage:


Got Junk?!?

At St. Louis Got Junk getting rid of your junk is what we do. We are fast, convenient, affordable and sooooo easy! Trash, refuse, plant materials, furniture, appliances, paper, sports equipment……All you do is Fill ‘Er Up!!

One call to 636.262.7357 and we will deliver a St. Louis Got Junk 16 foot trailer to your home driveway or parking area. You fill it up and a few days later we haul it away. Poof!! It really is that easy. And it’s all simply based on weight, just a pennies a pound. 

If you're searching for the highest quality, safest and best looking car lift on the market, look no further. You can (and should) look all over the internet to see we offer the best lift on the market. You'll find we do it at a far more reasonable price. Compare us across the board and see we are your superior lift choice.

Wagner Door Co. has teamed up with Wildfire Lifts to offer you a new style of 4 post car lift that is hands down one of the safest lifts you can buy. Wildfire's lift series utilizes a ground up re-engineering of what the traditional idea of a car lift has been for over the last 25 years. Wildfire's top structural engineers designed this new style of lift with a wraparound sliding post locking mechanism. This mechanism has allowed the new design to achieve a superior level of safety and security by eliminating almost all wobble and sway, drastically decreasing the possibility of structural lock failure. This adds safety, stability, comfort, and gives an overall cleaner look to compliment your garage and space. Give Wagner Door a call for your quote today at 636.332.8984.


So increase your storage space TODAY and rest assure all your vehicles are protected with a Wildfire 4-post car lift. Wagner Door is a professional authorized Wildfire car lift installer, and we're here to help you achieve the garage of your dreams. Wildfire's re-engineered 4-post lift design improves on older designs, offering increased stability, security, and overall performance.

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