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Professionally installed Wildfire 4-Post Car Lift

Wildfire Car Lifts

St. Louis Car Lift Installation. Increase your storage space and make sure all your vehicles stay protected with a Wildfire 4-post car lift. Wagner Door is a professional authorized Wildfire car lift installer, and we're here to help you achieve the garage of your dreams. Wildfire's re-engineered 4-post lift design improves on older designs, offering increased stability, security, and overall performance.

Car Lift Installation Services:

  • Wagner Door will install your new 4-post car lift for you.
  • Our knowledgeable technicians can safely and efficiently install your car lift.
  • A properly installed car lift will run smoothly and as quietly as possible.
  • Regular inspections by a Wagner Door professional keeps your car lift's small parts from breaking or becoming damaged.

Repair Services

Spring Repair

A damaged garage door spring can lead to incredibly dangerous situations and should be repaired by professionals right away.

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Opener Repair

A non-functioning garage door opener can often be repaired by a professional repair technician without needing to be replaced

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Spring Replacement

When garage door springs are completely broken, they need to be replaced quickly to ensure the safety of your garage door.

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Roller Repair

Rollers are required for the garage door to run smoothly, but they can come out of their tracks or get stuck, and will need repair.

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Track Repair

A bent or warped garage door track makes it impossible for the rollers to seamlessly guide the garage door to the proper position.

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Keypad Programming

For garage doors with programmable keypads, we offer programming services to create custom number key codes.

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